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At Osher B, Inc., Alex Bikov is committed to redefining client relationships and creating peace of mind. He leads a team of highly trained professionals, each providing a depth of service beyond just securing funding. The Osher B team delivers results by focusing on the individual nuances of each investor’s needs and desired outcomes"

“We are driven by a need to thoroughly understand every investor’s goals and service preferences. And our clients tell us this is the Osher B difference. We listen and read between the lines. It’s that simple”, according to Founder and President, Alex Bikov.

“Osher B has been a constant source of business acumen, in the commercial real estate, finance, banking, and general business advice. We were surprised by the myriad of options Alex’s team delivered. They carefully heard our issues and provided creative solutions that not only met our goals, but also provided services that matched our way of doing things.” – Brent Dunn

We offer credible solutions that establish profitable real estate investments. Securing financing is important. But managing a client’s portfolio and advising them on strategies to secure the best investments are mission critical for the Osher B Team.


Increasing wealth and peace of mind for real estate investors.

For almost two decades, Alex Bikov has been utilizing his depth of expertise and knowledge to solve clients’ commercial real estate financing needs. His “roll up his sleeves” attitude comes from succeeding all aspects of commercial lending and banking at several prominent financial institutions. When investors in real estate ventures need an edge in securing the best financing options, many turn to Alex for effective solutions at Osher B.

Alex feels strongly that financial services needed to be reimagined. He brings wisdom to the real estate financing industry. Known for successfully assisting savvy investors, Alex focuses on maximizing investor return on commercial real estate ventures.

OSHER B The Commercial Real Estate and Financing Experts.